How to talk to the dead

 So you would like to communicate with someone that has died?

Boy… do I have a treat for you! It’s far easier than you think!

Mediumship or talking to the dead is simply your spirit communicating with the ‘spirit’ of your departed friends and loved ones.

Have you ever wanted to talk with a loved one that has died?

What would you say, what would you ask?

Perhaps you never got to say GOODBYE… So will you take the opportunity? … This book WILL help you do just that!

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Joycelle How to talk to the dead


Mediumship is not just for a few ‘blessed’ people. Mediumship or talking to the dead is everyone’s birthright.

Allow yourself this experience as you journey to the spiritworld for a joyous spiritual reunion with your departed loved ones.

I share with you my personal stories which led me to such a wondrous vocation.


A ‘guidebook’ for talking with your loved ones in ‘spirit’; How to Talk to the Dead, is a captivating series of firsthand encounters and spiritual principles offering clear understanding and a simple how-to book.

Joycelle will take you beyond many other books on the subject to show you, step by step, exactly how to communicate with your desired loved-ones in the spiritworld.


Never before has the energy been as light between each realm as it is today. We are actually, living in momentous times, surely we are living in the age of the Aquarius.

The age of the Aquarius relates to where time, space, travel and all communications are not conflicted by time. It is commonly known as the technology era.

Think about it… it was only in the 1960s that man connected with the moon and space.

Today we now communicate to each other via mobile phones at anytime in speech and in words. The television is ever expanding in its ability to entertain us. The internet is used daily as our means for communications and obtaining knowledge.

We now communicate via social networks such as facebook, twitter, and flicker. We now read our books in e-book form and with the means of the internet with kindle and iPad. We listen to our music on ipods and send most of our written communications via emails. Think of the last time you even hand wrote a letter to someone.

Just as night goes with day, yin with yang, as our external communications have changed dramatically at the speed of light, or the click of the mouse we also see that we are making changes to our internal communications.

This new style of fast and crazy communications and information has seen us craving for simpler things… We want peace, space, understanding, spiritual enlightenment and to empower our inner light, our divinity.

What Reader’s Are Saying
It’s no secret that I love and admire your great work. Wow…now this fantastic book sharing your extraordinary talents. …So enlightening and simple instructions to master.
ROGER HALL, Wellington, New Zealand
I am blown away by Joycelle's book - I laughed, I cried...Inspirational.
CH, Tauranga
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