Free Readings 23 June 2010

1. Will I be successful in starting by own business with Joe?
Dear N,

Good luck with the business! I see a lot of unexpected manual work coming your way. I feel Joe also works best outside compared to inside or confined places.

There is a very sucessful trip coming up which concerns a business venture. I feel there will be you and two men having a meeting.

You have a lot of luck around this business and things will fall into your lap or help coming in all that you need to get it underway.

Now having said all that I see another unexpected job opportunity around you will by complete surprise and may be just a weekend or one off employment which you will be able to fit in time wise as the money will be good!

You need to be patient persistent and diligent in your efforts.

You have successes with admirers of the opposite sex and business and social activities which deal with the public or professionals on a large scale are destined.

You will be very popular and in demand making a great impression on your superiors and peers!

Well done! You are definitely completing an era and closing the door to the past to begin anew in a new direction.

Some man who works as a builder or real estate broker is going to be very good to you and offer you assistance and artistic commission and or some kind of special attention advantage or honour!

You will know after 10 weeks of hard labour and large set up cost that your efforts are to be rewarded and that you have made the right decision. I see a cheque for 10,000.00 being very important within the next month!

2. My heart is torn, and I’m uncertain whether I lost my chance with someone from my past, can’t see the person that is right in front of me, or have yet to meet the right one. Any guidance on my love life would be very much appreciated.

Dear J,

Although the worst is over regarding your past relationship you are still finding it hard to move on and unable to bury the past to start anew. You will vacillate between whom I want and what do I want and what DON’T I want.

The moment you try to pin anything down or make a firm decision to forget MR Man from the past then YOUR heart and mind changes completely!

I see you out dating again and with a new man by October this year he has a wonderful sense of humour and a real social butterfly!

I feel he works with steel or some engineering background or interest.

Try not to get depressed or over think the man from the past he is the past for a definite reason. Bless him for his part in your past and for you to have known love. Ask now for your soul mate by divine selection to arrive!

3. I would like to know what I can do to rid myself of these unnecessary fears and conditioned patterns of behaviour and where they stem from?

Dear Rosie,

 Personally I highly recommend you have an Aura-Soma consultation with me as it’s more accurate to identity the true cause of your fears and emotional reactions to things, and then offers you a colour care system to soothe the soul.

I feel these fears and anxieties started around the same time as a move to a new location. I also sense a deep insecurity that love is not to be trusted and you anticipate love never lasting. I see there has been a separation in the past that also causes deep seated fear of abandonment and lack of trust around people.

Deep breathing helps at times of panic and trying to literally blow all the stale air out of your system can help. Telling your subconscious mind and inner child that you are safe well and protected can also help you in the midst of such pain.

4. What am I going to do with my life? I feel like there are so many directions I could go in for a career that I can’t decide.


Dear Elinor,

You do have many great talents and attributes from healing and alternative healing ideas to working with children.

Before you got to bed at night as yourself to show you in your dreams you divine vocation that will give you the greatest joy and pleasure this lifetime.

I see you as very ambitious optimistic energetic and daring although sometimes somewhat head strong and impulsive. You can be self centered and impatient.

Any vocation to do with planning construction developing, building real estate or a manger in these areas would be awesome for you, just as long as you are the boss and get to make all the important decisions.

Business and finance will take first place and improve as will ideas for self promotion start to formulate. You also have good sales skills and will be in high demand!

5. My finances have been a source of great stress, so I could use some insight.

Dear, 16/03/87

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news here, I don’t see your parent’s finances changing for some 10 more weeks. I feel there is a change of residence for you and your parents might also consider down sizing whilst things have been so strained. The main thing to remember is its only MONEY. Money is like energy and once you know how to creatively tap into that flow of source you won’t worry again and have abundance of wealth.

There could be business restructuring around you or your family and possible job redundancies on the cards. ON the good side of things there is a gift of money for you in July which will give you a nice boost to restore your faith again.

I see you living with another female who is studying and rather focused. Its important you get as much fresh air as you can each day and walk even if its just to the shops as this gives your soul a bounce in its step and whilst you are walking you feel the blissful pleasure of what positive things life is going to bring you from now on!

You have great long term cards and great wealth in the next 3 years. I see a man around you that works with cars it feels like selling them and he really loves his job so he is to keep doing it knowing that things will and do change again.

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