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My birthdate is 08 October 1988, I’m in a relationship with a man with psychic and protective ‘powers’ who loves me very much, but I’ve had doubts about whether I want to continue with him or not. Sometimes I feel unhappy. I sometimes wonder if this is the right person to spend the rest of my life with, or if I should look for someone else.

Dear Ale,

I see some form of new study and interests that will take up most of your time in the very near future. Things are not good in this relationship at all. From the start of June you will decide to make huge changes within this relationship!

How am I to handle this?  will be your main focus and you will meet it with a sense of responsibility for your actions and feel very good about yourself whether your relationship has a future of not!

Seems to me that you are taking back control of your life your dreams and your future plans where you are putting yourself first, regardless of the hold this man has over you. I see within 6 months you will actually move onto from this relationship as it’s simply too much hard work and not based on unconditional love and passion. You feel in the dark about his actions and feelings all the time. I feel promises are always broken or constant delays in this relationship and more of what you don’t want instead of what you do want in an intimate relationship. I do see a foreign man in your future within 2 years that you will feel secure and want to really settle down with. He could be a teacher or in full time advanced studies and you will meet him connected with study or a learning environment.


My birthday: 20 June 1977
question: will i be financially wealthy someday in the near future?

July is your month to shine and over next 8 weeks things connected with work will literally boom! Anything connected to travel or at a distance is destined for success as is gifts of money and food or wine around you!

You are going to have unexpected financial gains and your good judgement and ability to establish correct priorities will prove to be very sucessful.

You have lots of luck around finding bargains and getting gifts and good fortune will come through business affairs social activities and unexpected events

Having said all that watch your money or checks thought lost or misplaced will be shortly recovered. You have actually picked the two luckiest money cards so this great! It does seem that there could be an upset with a business associate partner or friend who will let you down or not follow through so trust your own resources and intuition and have a back up plan to draw the wealth and success to you at this time.

You have great news coming and feels like its long distance or from across the water as in a foreign agent or market. I see Hong Kong and China magazines around you. You will be grateful for the end of stagnation or delays and a renewed interest and activity in your career and a new outlet for your talents and stock! There will also be a new promoter in the very near future. Anything new as in new ideas or opportunities concerning your business will put a new slant on your life and open new doors to a whole new world and vista. Enjoy!


•••••••••••How should I approach the situation between Chris and I?
16 / 6/ 1988

Boy do you need to make a big decision and fast! I feel honesty is always the best policy and you need to be honest to yourself first if that makes sense?

There are huge communication problems around this relationship and some negative influences which mask the issues I feel. You are very anxious and depressed and filled with doubt which leaves you feeling unconfident and insecure? A lot of what you are feeling is direct result of being over taxed mentally and physically and pushing yourself beyond your limits.

Good news though your financial are going to improve although your pleasure will be dimmed by hardships and some suffering a for a little while yet.

There a choice will be presented which will call for a decision your part connected with travel and only you can decide whether to go or not.

Once you make your choice to continue on or move in a different direction you are going to have a much needed confrontation with someone close this friend and the cars are saying don’t GO EASY ON them… SAY your truth once and for all.

Look beneath what appears to be… FATE will bring serendipity!

You may suffer through unavoidable consequences or this predication YET you will do the right thing and the conclusion will come and someone or something will correct the problem or remove you from it… You will receive the help you need to drag you out of this environment.., Good luck don’t delay slay your dragon today so that peace and anew beginning can start!


 My date of birth is 11/11/1954; my question is will we move to Dunedin to live.

I feel this has been a dream or plan for the last two years? If not it may be another two years before you get there. I feel there is a strong health concern around you or someone close by.  You have definitely outgrown your current living quarters and something new is going to come up that requires you to make a move! If you have a house to sell I feel an offer is going to be made then declined so hold on tight help is coming! September is a great month for you and you may receive the offers or contract that your heart is holding out for! Yeppers going to Dunedin right now seems awful gloomy and grim. Wait for spring time and it will come up sunshine for you literally! I get some stress over a job offer which needs to be sorted out first!  I also see a lot of family reunions and communications. I do see you attending a funeral to someone you know within three months which could be a family member down south. Just remember it’s their blessing and chance to be at peace and to go home.

You have luck around negotiations to do with money yet it will come at the eleventh hour and when you think it won’t… so how out for the price or money you need it will come! Don’t be afraid to self promote yourself or your work at this time especially anything connected with the service industry!

My one question is what’s going on with my health. I’m investing in taking a lot of vitamins, but I keep falling off the wagon in regards to eating right. These days I’ve been more worried, and I’m not feeling top notch.

I feel last month and even more so the last five months have been weird as far as your health goes! Your body is feeling tired run down and are feeling uninspired? I see your natural inner tuition is also impaired and you feel unable to connect with yourself. You also don’t think you look very good and may do something to change your appearance like cut your hair or buy new clothes to bring out the new you>

Have you been feeling strange physical premonition of which is to come and been subject to strange sensations, sleeping disorders cysts and bumps lumps etc> I also feel your eating and sleeping  patterns all out of whack to your natural lifestyle. Don’t feel intimidated I do see some tests on the horizon even just blood tests with a good doctor to clarify your concerns. I cant unusually offer much health support other than trust your body and want it is trying to tell you right now or have an Aura soma consultation to see what support you can get from those miraculous coloured jewels and help you find your inner light!

I do see strength getting restored and within two months I see you taking a much needed rest and will be nursing yourself and or a loved one back to great health! I feel you may suffer from chronic fatigue and pains in your body that can’t be explained? This is the sensations I am getting! So take a good look at what happiness you can surround yourself with to bring about a positive loving change for you right now!

5. –  Does my future seem to hold more capacity for (enjoyment?) while
living by the seat of my pants so to speak on the road, or by staying
stable and holding off my travels until I can go further? 13 January 1992

Looking at your cards I would say sit tight in fact sit very tight for another 3 months and let plans unfold how they are meant to go for your highest good. I see travel cut short due to someone’s health problems or sickness on a journey!

Things are just too muddled at the moment with a few elements of deceptions and hidden agendas around you! If your friend has gone earlier due to a job I don’t think this job will last long at all as if feels like sudden changes making it obsolete.

 My advice is sit tight and enjoy the love and fun around home for a while as you save as much money as you can and I would consider travel early next year as a lot of new opportunities are coming up for you in the next 3 months. I feel you may feel you have to lie to break ideas or promises to people?? Its actually ok to say this is what I feel is right for me at this time regardless of what plans you have made etc. I see a strong attraction to books movies and theatre around you even travel agency jobs or stints/ ventures on a cruise liner in the future!

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