Free Readings 4 July 2010

Free Readings 3 July 2010

1. I suppose my question would be where is my life going and is there anything I should be doing to help this process along?

Dear K,

I see you have a choice to make within the next three weeks! I see lots of new things even new forms of study connected with work and self development. Throw yourself into anything connected with writing directing lectures and motion pictures or the radio. You are suited to any occupation that deals with the public at large. I see you busy with two major jobs and issues. There is a baby around in the near future too! You are more than capable of doing tow or more jobs at once as you are very versatile capable alert and studious!

Listen to your dreams they will show you wish road to turn down then RUN for a fabulous future, focusing on your wants not your worries! As for love… Hmmm one guy around you is going to really disappoint you so be warned he doesn’t have the emotional strength that you need and is only capable of loving his way!

2. Hello Joycelle,
I have a question, I have just started a Blog and I have been working really hard on this project but it seems that I am not successful at this project so far, can you please tell me if you can see success for me in the future?

Dear I,

Wow! I can see you are very passionate about this subject and at the same time have massive disappointments. It feels like right now you are thinking about dumping the whole thing and trying something else! Hang in there. The secret with blogs is getting people to visit it so you need to blog on other sites so that readers then check you out?

I see a new community involvement this month with like minded people so don’t be afraid to advertise or blog on sites that reflect your opinions, of the same genre as well, so to speak.

 Frankly, I feel it will take at least a year for this blog to build momentum with a healthy audience so carry on with your passion. You may have a few computer issues to deal with as well and those whom you wish to communicate with are unavailable or hard to reach! You will inherit an invitation to spiritual event or another site which you can crosslink your work with. I feel a friend or new alliance will be very beneficial to your life your work and the success of this venture. Simply ask the universe or God to send you the support you need and KNOW that help is on its way!

3. It’s been a year since my ex and I broke up and the pain has only gotten worse. I feel like half of my soul was ripped out of me and something inside me is screaming in agony constantly. Will I ever get over him or will fate ever bring us back together? 

Dear A,

Sorry I don’t see him coming back. It has been a traumatic heartfelt time for you since October! Next four months will also run the gamulet of highs and lows for your pain as well. Personally I feel you need some soul support and healing and can only recommend an Aura-Soma consultation to support you during this tough time. Try not to escape into a world of drugs or alcohol or anything negative during the next 7 days to four months as it will only bring you down further. I see September will bring a shift in your passion for life and you will be open too love again or very least open to enjoy new company! Be kind on yourself. Simply thank your Ex for coming into your life and for the opportunity to know love. Bless him and ask for your Divine partner to now come forward and to have a relationship that is with your soul mate by divine selection. 

4. Hi Joycelle,

I’m wondering if I should invest any more energy into seeking a romantic relationship with David. He sends mixed signals, but I don’t want to play games. Should I be pursuing something romantic, or just accept and appreciate the connection we have when we see each other? I’ve been single for three years, and I’m wondering if he’s the person I’ll be in a relationship with next.

Dear Marie, 

I feel David truly doesn’t know what and WHO he wants. There could be two loves vying for your attention in a very short time. Trouble is the minute you think you know that you want him you or he changes their minds! I would say the time is right to lay it on the line in a simple clear cut manager. Try saying David I have grown to enjoy your company I would love to get to know you deeper and take this relationship seriously… now how do you feel about that? I see a relationship with a professional man. How you will know that it’s him; is that he will have just purchased a new car or helps you to find a new car. Good luck. Do the same thing I suggested above about asking for your divine partner to now appear and have faith. True soul connections don’t play mind games nor involve such hard emotional turmoil!

5. I’m in a long term relationship with someone that I love and who loves me, but I’m a little worried about this lack of ambition and childishness. Are things going to work out for us, and is he going to get his life straight?

Dear Em,

I am not sure whether you will welcome what I see and feel. I can only ever give my truth and my ethics are strong so I always tell it how I see it and trust you will be okay with this?

Yes the love is most definitely there however its sake of I love him yet not in love with him and his antics! This is causing bitterness to start within the relationship and knots in your stomach and pains in your emotional heart. I feel there is a huge heart to heart conversation coming where you are going to identity your needs and communicate in such a fashion that shows honesty and commitment whether your partnership has a future or not.

Problem I feel is he can’t and doesn’t know how to commit to responsibility! Long term I see that because of basic incompatibilities and irreconcilable difference you will feel the only recourse left is to sever the relationship and separate.

One of you is changing residences with three months.

Basically when you have a little chat with yourself you will realise you wont want something that isn’t right no matter how much you want it and you wont give up until you get what you want.

..Leopards never loose their spots best possible chance is for their spots to just fade a tad!

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