Spiritual Nutrition ~ The Rainbow Diet ~

Spiritual Nutrition

The Rainbow Diet

Eat consciously ~ make your meal like the love note from God which has been blessed by the rays of the sun.

We are what we eat and if we eat wrong then no Doctor can heal us! Eating raw organic fresh food is what our bodies crave and are needed for performance, maintenance and endurance.

Eat all natural foods. There is no such thing as an incurable disease. Dis- ease is when the body is in dis- ease and to cure the incurable simply do that- go within to cure. This means to address the emotional mental and spiritual reasons for any dis- ease then feed or worship the temple the soul resides in with the perfect nourishment. We must give our bodies the fuel it needs with right food and holistic medicines.

Only fresh fruits and vegetables offer this. Our natural enzymes come from proteins. Protein will feed the subtle body first then the physical. It is important that we conserve our own enzymes. When need to chew all solid foods in the mouth so that they become liquid states we are obtaining all the goodness from the foods and giving our digestive system a helping hand to perform its arduous task.

Eating is a spiritual joy this lifetime; not only is food required for our physical existence it has become associated with all the happy celebrations we can have in unity.

Saying Grace at the beginning of the meal is an ideal opportunity to take time to give thanks not just for the blessings of all earthly existence, the food before you, the cook and the creator it is also the time to register that you are giving your physical body the rewards for its daily labours!

Savouring and appreciating the meal in front you with love and gratitude will give you the chance to connect with a deeper aspect of yourself. Always eat in a serene environment and take your time to chew each mouth of goodness with love. Always hold positive thoughts so that the food you are eating isn’t literally turned to acid! The power of the mind and environments can taint our food from alkaline to acid and poison our systems.

If you don’t desire eating whole raw foods because of taste or time frames then juice them into a smoothie or protein drink to go! The best time for eating is early morning and midday as our digestive system is ready to work its best at these times;  giving us the fuel in our bodies throughout the day.

The normal Acid/Alkaline balance in the blood is a PH 7.4.  Plenty of alkaline foods (fresh fruits and vegetables) will give us the 80% to 20% (acids) ratio that is required to have a healthy body, functioning without dis-ease.

To detoxify means to clear the body of unwanted toxins and free-radicals. These poisons may have been in the body for some time due to unhealthy eating or can be appear when we make dietary changes by ridding ourselves of all meat products and eating only fresh raw fruits and vegetables. Some side effects can be swollen feet or headaches whilst the body is detoxifying. Aging is a natural process of life and should be gradual. When we eat unhealthily for our system it will show on the inside ( blood tests representing high cholesterol and or diabetes and heart disease) and on the outside – our clothes just don’t fit and look right, we constantly feel uncomfortable in our skin  and is your face bloated and bearing dark black circles under the eyes?  These are the signs of an acid body; which is ready for dis-eases!

Alkaline foods are: all fruits and vegetables, seaweed, millet buckwheat, honey, goat’s milk and wheat-grass juice and all soaked seeds, and grains.

Acid foods are: all non-soaked grains, beans, walnuts, pasteurised milk and flesh food (all meat products).

Where possible eat fruits separately from vegetables as food operates different functions when feed to an empty stomach.

All beans and rice should be thoroughly soaked before cooking and then discard the water. You can soak sesame and sunflower seeds then eat immediately. Proteins found in fruits is equal to the proteins found in human milk. Too much protein can clog us up and block arteries leading to heart disease.

Don’t let the media- advertising hype convince you that you won’t get enough vitamins and minerals naturally from raw whole foods. If it looks like a vegetable say a carrot it will have all the nutrients in it that your body seeks therefore you don’t need extra supplements. Listen to the inner voice or the body’s natural calling in the way or genuine body cravings or visions of foods for this will direct you to what your system (entire digestive system) seeks right now to restore and replace low levels in the body.

Fasting is when we give the body a break from heavy solid foods and let our systems flow on fluids. Some people do this for dietary reasons and or spiritual reasons. Fasting gives the body a chance to detoxify an over worked system and blocked system and to re- programme the body to work as it was designed for.    It is recommended to fast one day a week or for two weeks solid once a year. Fasting can be taking only fluids or a diet of grapes and water for length of fasting.   People suffering with cancer, Aids and diabetes shouldn’t fast until they have built up foods to be careful of.

Vitamin D is vital for skin and bones and it is recommended that we get at least ½ to 1 hour of sunshine everyday. Sunshine rays hit the back of the retina and gives us the happy endorphins that our bodies need to prevent season affected depression (S.A.D).

Vitamin C is found in all fruits and vegetables and ½ a green pepper or capsicum is enough for a day’s intake of vitamin C.

Vitamin B12 is found in seaweed and ½ ounce is our daily requirement.

Calcium is found in all green vegetables and blanched skinned almonds, sees and seaweed.

Boron has estrogen in it for woman’s health. Sprinkle Boron on the garden so that it penetrates through the soil

Pectin in found in all fruits.

Iron is found in raw spinach. All green vegetables have natural magnesium in the chlorophyll (colour of the plant) this is turned into iron for the blood.

Oxygen is also found in food and provides 10% of our oxygen needs, the rest we get from breathing. Walking on mother earth barefoot about the garden is good for grounding us and also to give a boost of oxygen.


Stop eating all meat products for 21 days and restrict fish and chicken and milk to a minimal then see how your body reacts when you try to return to old ways of eating. Work towards a total vegan diet and your body will run like a well-oiled machine with an abundance of energy and vitality where you will literally feel and look younger!


Eating foods by the rainbow…. Red- orange- yellow-green-blue-royal blue-violet-and magenta!

Start the day by feeding each chakra in the body foods that represent that colour which is associated with that chakra.

Early mornings to lunchtime eat foods that are red, orange, yellow and gold. Preferably fruits such as tomatoes, bananas, lemons, pineapples, apples and pears. If you need lots of energy to see you though the day especially when if you work is physical labour then look at pasta, rice and noodles for breakfast and or baked beans on whole grain toast is a brilliant meal to start the day with.

Lunchtime eat green salads and fruits

Evening time it is best to eat blues and purple fruits and vegetables leading to serene sleep and higher spirituality. Eat abundance of eggplants, beets, grapes, blueberries.

Drinking water is vital to a healthy body and skin plus providing the brain with the hydration it needs. 70% of the body is made from water just as 70% of the earth’s surface is water. The best water to drink is spring water and when that is not available drink oxygenated water. The easiest way to do this is to pour water from the tap into a large glass then from a height tip it into another glass. This method allows air to pass through water, repeat a couple of times. Water is the only fluid that will travel to hydrate the brain which is paramount for clarity of thinking and its functions. If you find you are thirsty or parched then you are already dehydrated. If your tongue is coated in a white film this is an accurate indication that your body needs more water instantly not food!

The same applies to food many times we reach for a snack or food to eat when in fact its water which our body needs. Get in the habit of asking your body whether it needs food or water before opening the fridge or cupboard. Literally talk to your liver and ask it what it needs and what is going on with that organ for you at this point in time… you may very well be surprised what feelings and emotions are stored in your liver right now making you feel toxic anxious and livid.

Drinking cold water before and during meals can cause food to slush or block in the digestive system whereas a drink of hot to warm water after a meal helps to break down food in the stomach…


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