Spiritual Nutrition ~ The Rainbow Diet ~

Spiritual Nutrition

The Rainbow Diet

Eat consciously ~ make your meal like the love note from God which has been blessed by the rays of the sun.

We are what we eat and if we eat wrong then no Doctor can heal us! Eating raw organic fresh food is what our bodies crave and are needed for performance, maintenance and endurance.

Eat all natural foods. There is no such thing as an incurable disease. Dis- ease is when the body is in dis- ease and to cure the incurable simply do that- go within to cure. This means to address the emotional mental and spiritual reasons for any dis- ease then feed or worship the temple the soul resides in with the perfect nourishment. We must give our bodies the fuel it needs with right food and holistic medicines.

Only fresh fruits and vegetables offer this. Our natural enzymes come from proteins. Protein will feed the subtle body first then the physical. It is important that we conserve our own enzymes. When need to chew all solid foods in the mouth so that they become liquid states we are obtaining all the goodness from the foods and giving our digestive system a helping hand to perform its arduous task.

Eating is a spiritual joy this lifetime; not only is food required for our physical existence it has become associated with all the happy celebrations we can have in unity.

Saying Grace at the beginning of the meal is an ideal opportunity to take time to give thanks not just for the blessings of all earthly existence, the food before you, the cook and the creator it is also the time to register that you are giving your physical body the rewards for its daily labours!

Savouring and appreciating the meal in front you with love and gratitude will give you the chance to connect with a deeper aspect of yourself. Always eat in a serene environment and take your time to chew each mouth of goodness with love. Always hold positive thoughts so that the food you are eating isn’t literally turned to acid! The power of the mind and environments can taint our food from alkaline to acid and poison our systems.

If you don’t desire eating whole raw foods because of taste or time frames then juice them into a smoothie or protein drink to go! The best time for eating is early morning and midday as our digestive system is ready to work its best at these times;  giving us the fuel in our bodies throughout the day.

The normal Acid/Alkaline balance in the blood is a PH 7.4.  Plenty of alkaline foods (fresh fruits and vegetables) will give us the 80% to 20% (acids) ratio that is required to have a healthy body, functioning without dis-ease.

To detoxify means to clear the body of unwanted toxins and free-radicals. These poisons may have been in the body for some time due to unhealthy eating or can be appear when we make dietary changes by ridding ourselves of all meat products and eating only fresh raw fruits and vegetables. Some side effects can be swollen feet or headaches whilst the body is detoxifying. Aging is a natural process of life and should be gradual. When we eat unhealthily for our system it will show on the inside ( blood tests representing high cholesterol and or diabetes and heart disease) and on the outside – our clothes just don’t fit and look right, we constantly feel uncomfortable in our skin  and is your face bloated and bearing dark black circles under the eyes?  These are the signs of an acid body; which is ready for dis-eases!

Alkaline foods are: all fruits and vegetables, seaweed, millet buckwheat, honey, goat’s milk and wheat-grass juice and all soaked seeds, and grains.

Acid foods are: all non-soaked grains, beans, walnuts, pasteurised milk and flesh food (all meat products).

Where possible eat fruits separately from vegetables as food operates different functions when feed to an empty stomach.

All beans and rice should be thoroughly soaked before cooking and then discard the water. You can soak sesame and sunflower seeds then eat immediately. Proteins found in fruits is equal to the proteins found in human milk. Too much protein can clog us up and block arteries leading to heart disease.

Don’t let the media- advertising hype convince you that you won’t get enough vitamins and minerals naturally from raw whole foods. If it looks like a vegetable say a carrot it will have all the nutrients in it that your body seeks therefore you don’t need extra supplements. Listen to the inner voice or the body’s natural calling in the way or genuine body cravings or visions of foods for this will direct you to what your system (entire digestive system) seeks right now to restore and replace low levels in the body.

Fasting is when we give the body a break from heavy solid foods and let our systems flow on fluids. Some people do this for dietary reasons and or spiritual reasons. Fasting gives the body a chance to detoxify an over worked system and blocked system and to re- programme the body to work as it was designed for.    It is recommended to fast one day a week or for two weeks solid once a year. Fasting can be taking only fluids or a diet of grapes and water for length of fasting.   People suffering with cancer, Aids and diabetes shouldn’t fast until they have built up foods to be careful of.

Vitamin D is vital for skin and bones and it is recommended that we get at least ½ to 1 hour of sunshine everyday. Sunshine rays hit the back of the retina and gives us the happy endorphins that our bodies need to prevent season affected depression (S.A.D).

Vitamin C is found in all fruits and vegetables and ½ a green pepper or capsicum is enough for a day’s intake of vitamin C.

Vitamin B12 is found in seaweed and ½ ounce is our daily requirement.

Calcium is found in all green vegetables and blanched skinned almonds, sees and seaweed.

Boron has estrogen in it for woman’s health. Sprinkle Boron on the garden so that it penetrates through the soil

Pectin in found in all fruits.

Iron is found in raw spinach. All green vegetables have natural magnesium in the chlorophyll (colour of the plant) this is turned into iron for the blood.

Oxygen is also found in food and provides 10% of our oxygen needs, the rest we get from breathing. Walking on mother earth barefoot about the garden is good for grounding us and also to give a boost of oxygen.


Stop eating all meat products for 21 days and restrict fish and chicken and milk to a minimal then see how your body reacts when you try to return to old ways of eating. Work towards a total vegan diet and your body will run like a well-oiled machine with an abundance of energy and vitality where you will literally feel and look younger!


Eating foods by the rainbow…. Red- orange- yellow-green-blue-royal blue-violet-and magenta!

Start the day by feeding each chakra in the body foods that represent that colour which is associated with that chakra.

Early mornings to lunchtime eat foods that are red, orange, yellow and gold. Preferably fruits such as tomatoes, bananas, lemons, pineapples, apples and pears. If you need lots of energy to see you though the day especially when if you work is physical labour then look at pasta, rice and noodles for breakfast and or baked beans on whole grain toast is a brilliant meal to start the day with.

Lunchtime eat green salads and fruits

Evening time it is best to eat blues and purple fruits and vegetables leading to serene sleep and higher spirituality. Eat abundance of eggplants, beets, grapes, blueberries.

Drinking water is vital to a healthy body and skin plus providing the brain with the hydration it needs. 70% of the body is made from water just as 70% of the earth’s surface is water. The best water to drink is spring water and when that is not available drink oxygenated water. The easiest way to do this is to pour water from the tap into a large glass then from a height tip it into another glass. This method allows air to pass through water, repeat a couple of times. Water is the only fluid that will travel to hydrate the brain which is paramount for clarity of thinking and its functions. If you find you are thirsty or parched then you are already dehydrated. If your tongue is coated in a white film this is an accurate indication that your body needs more water instantly not food!

The same applies to food many times we reach for a snack or food to eat when in fact its water which our body needs. Get in the habit of asking your body whether it needs food or water before opening the fridge or cupboard. Literally talk to your liver and ask it what it needs and what is going on with that organ for you at this point in time… you may very well be surprised what feelings and emotions are stored in your liver right now making you feel toxic anxious and livid.

Drinking cold water before and during meals can cause food to slush or block in the digestive system whereas a drink of hot to warm water after a meal helps to break down food in the stomach…


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I will be avaliable from the 25th March to 1 April 2011 for readings and consultations in Taupo.

I am staying at the Village Resort which is very close to the town centre.

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Free Readings 4 July 2010

Free Readings 3 July 2010

1. I suppose my question would be where is my life going and is there anything I should be doing to help this process along?

Dear K,

I see you have a choice to make within the next three weeks! I see lots of new things even new forms of study connected with work and self development. Throw yourself into anything connected with writing directing lectures and motion pictures or the radio. You are suited to any occupation that deals with the public at large. I see you busy with two major jobs and issues. There is a baby around in the near future too! You are more than capable of doing tow or more jobs at once as you are very versatile capable alert and studious!

Listen to your dreams they will show you wish road to turn down then RUN for a fabulous future, focusing on your wants not your worries! As for love… Hmmm one guy around you is going to really disappoint you so be warned he doesn’t have the emotional strength that you need and is only capable of loving his way!

2. Hello Joycelle,
I have a question, I have just started a Blog and I have been working really hard on this project but it seems that I am not successful at this project so far, can you please tell me if you can see success for me in the future?

Dear I,

Wow! I can see you are very passionate about this subject and at the same time have massive disappointments. It feels like right now you are thinking about dumping the whole thing and trying something else! Hang in there. The secret with blogs is getting people to visit it so you need to blog on other sites so that readers then check you out?

I see a new community involvement this month with like minded people so don’t be afraid to advertise or blog on sites that reflect your opinions, of the same genre as well, so to speak.

 Frankly, I feel it will take at least a year for this blog to build momentum with a healthy audience so carry on with your passion. You may have a few computer issues to deal with as well and those whom you wish to communicate with are unavailable or hard to reach! You will inherit an invitation to spiritual event or another site which you can crosslink your work with. I feel a friend or new alliance will be very beneficial to your life your work and the success of this venture. Simply ask the universe or God to send you the support you need and KNOW that help is on its way!

3. It’s been a year since my ex and I broke up and the pain has only gotten worse. I feel like half of my soul was ripped out of me and something inside me is screaming in agony constantly. Will I ever get over him or will fate ever bring us back together? 

Dear A,

Sorry I don’t see him coming back. It has been a traumatic heartfelt time for you since October! Next four months will also run the gamulet of highs and lows for your pain as well. Personally I feel you need some soul support and healing and can only recommend an Aura-Soma consultation to support you during this tough time. Try not to escape into a world of drugs or alcohol or anything negative during the next 7 days to four months as it will only bring you down further. I see September will bring a shift in your passion for life and you will be open too love again or very least open to enjoy new company! Be kind on yourself. Simply thank your Ex for coming into your life and for the opportunity to know love. Bless him and ask for your Divine partner to now come forward and to have a relationship that is with your soul mate by divine selection. 

4. Hi Joycelle,

I’m wondering if I should invest any more energy into seeking a romantic relationship with David. He sends mixed signals, but I don’t want to play games. Should I be pursuing something romantic, or just accept and appreciate the connection we have when we see each other? I’ve been single for three years, and I’m wondering if he’s the person I’ll be in a relationship with next.

Dear Marie, 

I feel David truly doesn’t know what and WHO he wants. There could be two loves vying for your attention in a very short time. Trouble is the minute you think you know that you want him you or he changes their minds! I would say the time is right to lay it on the line in a simple clear cut manager. Try saying David I have grown to enjoy your company I would love to get to know you deeper and take this relationship seriously… now how do you feel about that? I see a relationship with a professional man. How you will know that it’s him; is that he will have just purchased a new car or helps you to find a new car. Good luck. Do the same thing I suggested above about asking for your divine partner to now appear and have faith. True soul connections don’t play mind games nor involve such hard emotional turmoil!

5. I’m in a long term relationship with someone that I love and who loves me, but I’m a little worried about this lack of ambition and childishness. Are things going to work out for us, and is he going to get his life straight?

Dear Em,

I am not sure whether you will welcome what I see and feel. I can only ever give my truth and my ethics are strong so I always tell it how I see it and trust you will be okay with this?

Yes the love is most definitely there however its sake of I love him yet not in love with him and his antics! This is causing bitterness to start within the relationship and knots in your stomach and pains in your emotional heart. I feel there is a huge heart to heart conversation coming where you are going to identity your needs and communicate in such a fashion that shows honesty and commitment whether your partnership has a future or not.

Problem I feel is he can’t and doesn’t know how to commit to responsibility! Long term I see that because of basic incompatibilities and irreconcilable difference you will feel the only recourse left is to sever the relationship and separate.

One of you is changing residences with three months.

Basically when you have a little chat with yourself you will realise you wont want something that isn’t right no matter how much you want it and you wont give up until you get what you want.

..Leopards never loose their spots best possible chance is for their spots to just fade a tad!

Free Readings 23 June 2010

1. Will I be successful in starting by own business with Joe?
Dear N,

Good luck with the business! I see a lot of unexpected manual work coming your way. I feel Joe also works best outside compared to inside or confined places.

There is a very sucessful trip coming up which concerns a business venture. I feel there will be you and two men having a meeting.

You have a lot of luck around this business and things will fall into your lap or help coming in all that you need to get it underway.

Now having said all that I see another unexpected job opportunity around you will by complete surprise and may be just a weekend or one off employment which you will be able to fit in time wise as the money will be good!

You need to be patient persistent and diligent in your efforts.

You have successes with admirers of the opposite sex and business and social activities which deal with the public or professionals on a large scale are destined.

You will be very popular and in demand making a great impression on your superiors and peers!

Well done! You are definitely completing an era and closing the door to the past to begin anew in a new direction.

Some man who works as a builder or real estate broker is going to be very good to you and offer you assistance and artistic commission and or some kind of special attention advantage or honour!

You will know after 10 weeks of hard labour and large set up cost that your efforts are to be rewarded and that you have made the right decision. I see a cheque for 10,000.00 being very important within the next month!

2. My heart is torn, and I’m uncertain whether I lost my chance with someone from my past, can’t see the person that is right in front of me, or have yet to meet the right one. Any guidance on my love life would be very much appreciated.

Dear J,

Although the worst is over regarding your past relationship you are still finding it hard to move on and unable to bury the past to start anew. You will vacillate between whom I want and what do I want and what DON’T I want.

The moment you try to pin anything down or make a firm decision to forget MR Man from the past then YOUR heart and mind changes completely!

I see you out dating again and with a new man by October this year he has a wonderful sense of humour and a real social butterfly!

I feel he works with steel or some engineering background or interest.

Try not to get depressed or over think the man from the past he is the past for a definite reason. Bless him for his part in your past and for you to have known love. Ask now for your soul mate by divine selection to arrive!

3. I would like to know what I can do to rid myself of these unnecessary fears and conditioned patterns of behaviour and where they stem from?

Dear Rosie,

 Personally I highly recommend you have an Aura-Soma consultation with me as it’s more accurate to identity the true cause of your fears and emotional reactions to things, and then offers you a colour care system to soothe the soul.

I feel these fears and anxieties started around the same time as a move to a new location. I also sense a deep insecurity that love is not to be trusted and you anticipate love never lasting. I see there has been a separation in the past that also causes deep seated fear of abandonment and lack of trust around people.

Deep breathing helps at times of panic and trying to literally blow all the stale air out of your system can help. Telling your subconscious mind and inner child that you are safe well and protected can also help you in the midst of such pain.

4. What am I going to do with my life? I feel like there are so many directions I could go in for a career that I can’t decide.


Dear Elinor,

You do have many great talents and attributes from healing and alternative healing ideas to working with children.

Before you got to bed at night as yourself to show you in your dreams you divine vocation that will give you the greatest joy and pleasure this lifetime.

I see you as very ambitious optimistic energetic and daring although sometimes somewhat head strong and impulsive. You can be self centered and impatient.

Any vocation to do with planning construction developing, building real estate or a manger in these areas would be awesome for you, just as long as you are the boss and get to make all the important decisions.

Business and finance will take first place and improve as will ideas for self promotion start to formulate. You also have good sales skills and will be in high demand!

5. My finances have been a source of great stress, so I could use some insight.

Dear, 16/03/87

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news here, I don’t see your parent’s finances changing for some 10 more weeks. I feel there is a change of residence for you and your parents might also consider down sizing whilst things have been so strained. The main thing to remember is its only MONEY. Money is like energy and once you know how to creatively tap into that flow of source you won’t worry again and have abundance of wealth.

There could be business restructuring around you or your family and possible job redundancies on the cards. ON the good side of things there is a gift of money for you in July which will give you a nice boost to restore your faith again.

I see you living with another female who is studying and rather focused. Its important you get as much fresh air as you can each day and walk even if its just to the shops as this gives your soul a bounce in its step and whilst you are walking you feel the blissful pleasure of what positive things life is going to bring you from now on!

You have great long term cards and great wealth in the next 3 years. I see a man around you that works with cars it feels like selling them and he really loves his job so he is to keep doing it knowing that things will and do change again.

Press Release

Press Release: 16th June 2010

Tauranga Author Has Opportunity to Give Rejection the Slip

Tauranga author and medium, Joycelle, has found success amongst her fans for her new book on mediumship – ‘Joycelle – How to Talk to the Dead.’ In her book Joycelle combines personal memoir with practical how-to instruction on developing mediumship skills. Fascinated as a child by English medium, Doris Stokes, Joycelle was determined in her quest to gather these skills as her own. She has subsequently enjoyed success as a medium and teacher with clients ranging from high-powered businessmen to others simply looking for relief from their grief.

Joycelle now has an opportunity to gain an international audience for her work having qualified for Round 2 of an international writers’ competition.

 ‘The Next Top Author Competition’ was set up by 2 New York Times best-selling spiritual authors, Robert Evans and James Twyman, to assist promising new authors to gain a foothold into the publishing arena.

Evans and Twyman know of the difficulties for a new author of getting their work published. Rejection slips are the bane of any authors’ life – 99.5% of all works submitted for publication will hit the reject pile. This competition is designed to defy those odds, giving the winner a publishing contract with spiritual books publisher, Hampton Roads Publishing.  Joycelle, of the 3868 authors entered has reached the final 250.

Please Help Joycelle get to Round 3.

To be one of the 25 who get through to round 3 and to have a chance of having her book published by Hampton Roads Joycelle still needs more votes. To read a chapter of her book and to vote simply go to; http://www.NextTopAuthor.com/?aid=1000

You can buy the book and contact Joycelle via www.joycellehowtotalktothedead.com Joycelle 07 5718810

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My birthdate is 08 October 1988, I’m in a relationship with a man with psychic and protective ‘powers’ who loves me very much, but I’ve had doubts about whether I want to continue with him or not. Sometimes I feel unhappy. I sometimes wonder if this is the right person to spend the rest of my life with, or if I should look for someone else.

Dear Ale,

I see some form of new study and interests that will take up most of your time in the very near future. Things are not good in this relationship at all. From the start of June you will decide to make huge changes within this relationship!

How am I to handle this?  will be your main focus and you will meet it with a sense of responsibility for your actions and feel very good about yourself whether your relationship has a future of not!

Seems to me that you are taking back control of your life your dreams and your future plans where you are putting yourself first, regardless of the hold this man has over you. I see within 6 months you will actually move onto from this relationship as it’s simply too much hard work and not based on unconditional love and passion. You feel in the dark about his actions and feelings all the time. I feel promises are always broken or constant delays in this relationship and more of what you don’t want instead of what you do want in an intimate relationship. I do see a foreign man in your future within 2 years that you will feel secure and want to really settle down with. He could be a teacher or in full time advanced studies and you will meet him connected with study or a learning environment.


My birthday: 20 June 1977
question: will i be financially wealthy someday in the near future?

July is your month to shine and over next 8 weeks things connected with work will literally boom! Anything connected to travel or at a distance is destined for success as is gifts of money and food or wine around you!

You are going to have unexpected financial gains and your good judgement and ability to establish correct priorities will prove to be very sucessful.

You have lots of luck around finding bargains and getting gifts and good fortune will come through business affairs social activities and unexpected events

Having said all that watch your money or checks thought lost or misplaced will be shortly recovered. You have actually picked the two luckiest money cards so this great! It does seem that there could be an upset with a business associate partner or friend who will let you down or not follow through so trust your own resources and intuition and have a back up plan to draw the wealth and success to you at this time.

You have great news coming and feels like its long distance or from across the water as in a foreign agent or market. I see Hong Kong and China magazines around you. You will be grateful for the end of stagnation or delays and a renewed interest and activity in your career and a new outlet for your talents and stock! There will also be a new promoter in the very near future. Anything new as in new ideas or opportunities concerning your business will put a new slant on your life and open new doors to a whole new world and vista. Enjoy!


•••••••••••How should I approach the situation between Chris and I?
16 / 6/ 1988

Boy do you need to make a big decision and fast! I feel honesty is always the best policy and you need to be honest to yourself first if that makes sense?

There are huge communication problems around this relationship and some negative influences which mask the issues I feel. You are very anxious and depressed and filled with doubt which leaves you feeling unconfident and insecure? A lot of what you are feeling is direct result of being over taxed mentally and physically and pushing yourself beyond your limits.

Good news though your financial are going to improve although your pleasure will be dimmed by hardships and some suffering a for a little while yet.

There a choice will be presented which will call for a decision your part connected with travel and only you can decide whether to go or not.

Once you make your choice to continue on or move in a different direction you are going to have a much needed confrontation with someone close this friend and the cars are saying don’t GO EASY ON them… SAY your truth once and for all.

Look beneath what appears to be… FATE will bring serendipity!

You may suffer through unavoidable consequences or this predication YET you will do the right thing and the conclusion will come and someone or something will correct the problem or remove you from it… You will receive the help you need to drag you out of this environment.., Good luck don’t delay slay your dragon today so that peace and anew beginning can start!


 My date of birth is 11/11/1954; my question is will we move to Dunedin to live.

I feel this has been a dream or plan for the last two years? If not it may be another two years before you get there. I feel there is a strong health concern around you or someone close by.  You have definitely outgrown your current living quarters and something new is going to come up that requires you to make a move! If you have a house to sell I feel an offer is going to be made then declined so hold on tight help is coming! September is a great month for you and you may receive the offers or contract that your heart is holding out for! Yeppers going to Dunedin right now seems awful gloomy and grim. Wait for spring time and it will come up sunshine for you literally! I get some stress over a job offer which needs to be sorted out first!  I also see a lot of family reunions and communications. I do see you attending a funeral to someone you know within three months which could be a family member down south. Just remember it’s their blessing and chance to be at peace and to go home.

You have luck around negotiations to do with money yet it will come at the eleventh hour and when you think it won’t… so how out for the price or money you need it will come! Don’t be afraid to self promote yourself or your work at this time especially anything connected with the service industry!

My one question is what’s going on with my health. I’m investing in taking a lot of vitamins, but I keep falling off the wagon in regards to eating right. These days I’ve been more worried, and I’m not feeling top notch.

I feel last month and even more so the last five months have been weird as far as your health goes! Your body is feeling tired run down and are feeling uninspired? I see your natural inner tuition is also impaired and you feel unable to connect with yourself. You also don’t think you look very good and may do something to change your appearance like cut your hair or buy new clothes to bring out the new you>

Have you been feeling strange physical premonition of which is to come and been subject to strange sensations, sleeping disorders cysts and bumps lumps etc> I also feel your eating and sleeping  patterns all out of whack to your natural lifestyle. Don’t feel intimidated I do see some tests on the horizon even just blood tests with a good doctor to clarify your concerns. I cant unusually offer much health support other than trust your body and want it is trying to tell you right now or have an Aura soma consultation to see what support you can get from those miraculous coloured jewels and help you find your inner light!

I do see strength getting restored and within two months I see you taking a much needed rest and will be nursing yourself and or a loved one back to great health! I feel you may suffer from chronic fatigue and pains in your body that can’t be explained? This is the sensations I am getting! So take a good look at what happiness you can surround yourself with to bring about a positive loving change for you right now!

5. –  Does my future seem to hold more capacity for (enjoyment?) while
living by the seat of my pants so to speak on the road, or by staying
stable and holding off my travels until I can go further? 13 January 1992

Looking at your cards I would say sit tight in fact sit very tight for another 3 months and let plans unfold how they are meant to go for your highest good. I see travel cut short due to someone’s health problems or sickness on a journey!

Things are just too muddled at the moment with a few elements of deceptions and hidden agendas around you! If your friend has gone earlier due to a job I don’t think this job will last long at all as if feels like sudden changes making it obsolete.

 My advice is sit tight and enjoy the love and fun around home for a while as you save as much money as you can and I would consider travel early next year as a lot of new opportunities are coming up for you in the next 3 months. I feel you may feel you have to lie to break ideas or promises to people?? Its actually ok to say this is what I feel is right for me at this time regardless of what plans you have made etc. I see a strong attraction to books movies and theatre around you even travel agency jobs or stints/ ventures on a cruise liner in the future!

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Round 2 of Next top Author Competition is underway!

Round two is well under way and many thanks for all those that have voted so far! I truly appreciate your support.

To Say THANKS I am giving away a free copy of my first edition book to a lucky voter!

so please let me know here when you have voted or to my email address


YOU are inivited to read a chapter from my book in this round,please feel free to do so and do post your thoughts here!

“the next top author competition”

Well I am dragging the chain a little..life has been so busy with book publishing in the last two weeks!

I now need to rattle my dags today and finish my book proposal for next round, round two of this competition!

Voting starts 25th May and you can read a chapter from my book!

What Reader’s Are Saying
It’s no secret that I love and admire your great work. Wow…now this fantastic book sharing your extraordinary talents. …So enlightening and simple instructions to master.
ROGER HALL, Wellington, New Zealand
I am blown away by Joycelle's book - I laughed, I cried...Inspirational.
CH, Tauranga
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