My spiritual philosophy

I have collected these beliefs and ideals over the years. They make sense for me and I hope you find value in them too.

  • We are all spiritual beings having an earthly experience.
  • We have come into this life as spirit from the point of conception and will leave as spirit at our demise.
  • Our spirit is eternal.
  • Your life is a collection of your senses which desire to be gently and effortlessly fulfilled to discover a wonderful sense of self and balance.
  • You revolve around your spirit, sensuality and vitality.
  • When you develop these above-mentioned aspects in your life you will understand how to prioritise the things that spark your mind, body and soul.
  • Death is the only certainty in life; its timing will be perfect, nobody dies too young or unfairly. Death is our perfect ending for a new beginning.
  • Our purpose in life is simply to experience a human existence filled with love, pleasure, fun and laughter, then to die gracefully.
  • The only lesson in life is to achieve self-love and to accept our true divinity embracing our power in the same likeness of God.
  • Mediumship is a three-way spiritual connection; that is from the spirit of your deceased loved one to the spirit of the medium to your spirit.
  • Everything in life is energy created from thought and where thoughts go then energy flows.
  • True inner-tuition (intuition) will never let you down.
  • Knowledge is only power when you do something with it; therefore to share knowledge with love in the right means and at the right time is nothing short of pure wisdom.
  • When we are able to truly love ourselves with total self-acceptance we are able to achieve magnificence as we are working from our soul or spirit; a place of true bliss.
  • We can only live one moment at a time. If we are open to receive the abundance of good, all that we desire, we can then manifest that moment into a lifetime of happiness and success by divine right.
  • When the student is ready the teacher appears; therefore when the teacher wants to enlighten, the right students appear.
  • The nicest gift you can ever give anyone is YOUR SMILE, as it can last a lifetime and is usually the first thing ‘spirit’ brings through for recognition.
  • The deepest respect for your fellow man is to use THEIR NAME when communicating with them as this shows that you have initially acknowledged their wondrous divinity.
  • The only true gift beyond giving life to our children is to leave them with happy childhood memories.
  • Good manners forgive a multitude of sins; they are a fabulous welcome to anyone and will leave a lasting impression.


  • ‘Sorry’ is not to be used lightly; if you are genuinely sorry then give a true apology. There are three steps to a real apology:
    • You need to be able to look the person directly in the eyes to say, ‘I am truly sorry’
    • Admit that it was your fault, briefly explaining your mistake.
    • Finally ask the other person, ‘What is it that I can now do to make it right?’


    Success is not about how much money you make or what you own or even what position you hold. True success is simple … it is doing what you say you are going to do and at the right time: this is integrity.


  • Make a special code or phase known only by each other; this will be your personal identification or confirmation so that you know beyond any doubt that this is your loved one communicating with you from the spirit world.
  • Nobody has ever become financially or spiritually wealthy doing something they dislike!
  • Nobody except you lives in your own head.
  • Hold your own power at any given time as it is your greatest blessing!
  • There is NO wisdom in hindsight; if you use your wisdom at the right time there will be no need to criticise the past.
  • Everyone just wants to be loved and appreciated for who they are by their divine right.
  • Hate is too destructive a word to ever use.
  • Write your last will and testament during a happy time in your life so that your loved ones know what special arrangements and celebrations you would like at your demise.
  • Tomorrow may be too late to say thanks! I love you! You make me happy! Let’s have some fun together!
  • Know what makes you blissfully happy then do it often!


What Reader’s Are Saying
It’s no secret that I love and admire your great work. Wow…now this fantastic book sharing your extraordinary talents. …So enlightening and simple instructions to master.
ROGER HALL, Wellington, New Zealand
I am blown away by Joycelle's book - I laughed, I cried...Inspirational.
CH, Tauranga
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