It can be helpful to record your experiences of mediumship. Below are some headings that I find useful. Use this guide or adjust to suit yourself.


Date                      Time                     Location

  • Who was present with you when conducting your mediumship?


  • Who did you wish to contact?


  • What is your relationship to this spirit?


  • What preparations did you use?

Eg, Aura-Soma, meditation music, candles.

  • Details of your journey experience

Eg, what colours, feelings, or sensations did you experience during the guided meditation?



  • What took place at the table?


  • Who was the first loved one to appear?


  • How did you recognise your loved one?


  • What confirmations did you receive?


  • Questions or information you obtained:


  • Summary of your experience;


  • Any information you need to confirm or clarify?


  • What enlightenment, peace, healing or thanks have you attained from this experience?


  • Rate your success;
  • What did you do or use to ground yourself afterwards?

Eg, Aura-Soma deep red air conditioner or pomander, or walk in the garden, a bath or a sleep, drink of water, some food?



What Reader’s Are Saying
It’s no secret that I love and admire your great work. Wow…now this fantastic book sharing your extraordinary talents. …So enlightening and simple instructions to master.
ROGER HALL, Wellington, New Zealand
I am blown away by Joycelle's book - I laughed, I cried...Inspirational.
CH, Tauranga
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