I have known Joycelle for many years both in personal and professional arenas. Her book is enticing and captivating, will have you laughing and smiling from the heart. Bless you Joycelle the world today, needs more earth angels like you.                                   Ruth Perkins. Nottingham, England


Thank you so very much for the aura soma report you did for me. I can relate so many things that where said. I have found this to be truly amazing to say the least.                               R. Land Australia


Hi Joycelle,

Thank you for the mediumship reading you gave me today. You impressed me very much with your accuracy with what you received. I am very grateful for what you were able to get. It did mean a lot to me. I have thought about it a lot since then. Thank you once again.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Geoff Manawatu NZ



When I went to see Joycelle, I was grieving the death of a good friend whose funeral I could not attend. Joycelle was gentle in her approach. She was also matter of fact. As is the way, she spoke to someone that I could not actually see, hear or feel. And she relayed messages back to me from that ‘person’. Joycelle told me what her informant looked like, what he was doing and what he said. She was very specific and gave lots of details. I felt that I had a very clear picture of the ‘person’ she was communicating with. Joycelle was also very relaxed and that helped me to relax. I suppose it was because I was relaxed that I noticed Joycelle’s face change in its features and complexion for a moment in the reading. It took on the shape and colouring of my friend’s. It was an amazing moment. It confirmed to me that Joycelle had indeed made contact with my friend. It gave me the chance to say goodbye!         

                                                                                                   H. Teira Tauranga NZ



Dear Joycelle,
I just wanted to send you an email for the reading you did for me via iCing. I am so happy and delighted that you performed a reading for me and also that you are incredibly gifted!
You have answered my question with a great of insight and I truly can not thank you enough. Your advice is simply excellent and I hope to use your services again in the future.                                                                                                                                                 Siobhan

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It’s no secret that I love and admire your great work. Wow…now this fantastic book sharing your extraordinary talents. …So enlightening and simple instructions to master.
ROGER HALL, Wellington, New Zealand
I am blown away by Joycelle's book - I laughed, I cried...Inspirational.
CH, Tauranga
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